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Location: The Falls of the Ohio in Southern Indiana.
Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-10Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-100Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-101Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-102Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-103Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-104Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-105Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-106Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-107Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-108Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-109Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-11Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-110Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-111Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-112Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-113Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-114Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-115Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-116Smith.Kempf Fall 2009-117

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