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Silhouette of Horse in the BluegrassFirefly Streaks By the Milky Way Green River Lake KYDSC_5790Green River Lake Firefly Streaks Across the Milky Way- 3-Kelly DavenportThunder Over Louisville 2013-0609Louisville Skyline Night of Polar Vortex 2014-02828Thunder Over Louisville 2013-0605Cars Crossing the River by- Kelly Davnport wm-0046Pastels Propel over the OhioLouisville-0466Louisville Skyline -2Louisville-037130 Seconds in Ali's Ville-2-2Louisville skyline-0628Louisville Slugger Field-013934th of July Fireworks-0162Louisville Fireworks Thunder-2010-32Louisville Lightning BW PosterSunset at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium by Kelly Davenport-01464Supermoon Over Kentuckiana-0740Supermoon Over Kentuckiana-0591Supermoon Over Kentuckiana-0588

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