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Fireworks images from Thunder Over Louisville and the 4th of July.
April 2013-0609Thunder Over Louisville 2014 by Kelly Davenport-0702Fireworks Belle's 100 by Kelly Davenport-143Fireworks Belle's 100 by Kelly Davenport-159Country Fireworks by Kelly Davenport-DSC_3645April 2013-0605Fireworks Belle's 100 by Kelly Davenport-225A Country 4th of July by Kelly Davenport-DSC_3637-2Louisville Fireworks Thunder-2010-23Thunder Over LouisvilleThunder Over Louisville-05424th of July Fireworks-0169Thunder Over Louisville 2014 by Kelly Davenport-0721Louisville Fireworks Thunder-2010-32Thunder Over Louisville-0825Louisville Fireworks- We Reember Momemts-0466Thunder Over Louisville 2011-0483Thunder Over Louisville-0538Thunder Over Louisville 2014 by Kelly Davenport-0624Fireworks Belle's 100 by Kelly Davenport-224

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